March 2019

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Chinese Investing in Phuket is Hitting an All-Time High

Thanks to the booming tourism industry of Phuket, investors from all around the world are taking interest in grabbing a piece of the pie for themselves. Similarly, tourism-based economies guarantee a safe ROI because of good occupancy rates and rental income. Over the past few years, most of the property investments in Phuket are being made by Chinese investors. High-end tourists come to visit this city...

Reasons Why to Invest in Phuket Real Estate

Real estate investing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be risky and rewarding at the same time. Since real estate involves huge sums of money, people often decide they are better off staying away from it. On the other hand, we see people piling wealth by rationally investing in real estate. Over the past decade, the Thai real estate industry has climbed up the ladder of trust, profit, and luxury....

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